Beth Nicholson, OT/L, CHT

Rebekah Cowan, OT/L, CHT

HandWorks Occupational Therapy

 HandWorks is a private practice specializing in hand and upper extremity rehabilitation located in Cahaba Heights, Alabama.   Beth Nicholson, OT/L, CHT and Rebekah Cowan OT/L, CHT have over 40 years combined experience as certified hand therapists in academic, outpatient, inpatient and private practice settings.  Each patient is viewed holistically with appreciation for nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle factors that contribute to etiology and healing. 

Our experience includes in-depth evaluation and treatment of all forms of upper extremity dysfunction including tendon and nerve repairs, fractures, joint injuries, soft tissue and crush injuries, cumulative trauma such as carpal tunnel and other nerve compressions, tendonitis, strains and sprains, and arthritis. We offer custom splint fabrication and fitting of prefabricated orthotics, depending on the needs of each patient. 

In surgical cases, we are accustomed to pre-operative visits for patient education regarding post-operative care, and immediate or early intervention post-operatively for wound care, to protect repaired tissues and to gently maintain health and mobility of non-involved structures.  We also have extensive background in all aspects of work related injuries including communication with insurance carriers, employers, and case managers, prevention practices, return to work assessment, and impairment ratings. 

Our goal is to be responsive to the individual needs of each client, and to make the referral process simple and efficient.   For referring providers, please fax the prescription, patient’s face sheet and copy of the insurance card if available.  We hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.


Cahaba Heights

 (with Birmingham Physical Therapy)

3234 Cahaba Heights Rd

Birmingham, AL 35243

Phone: (205) 383-8579

Fax: (205) 298-9103